Blogging and Copywriting


Ghostblogging is where I write quality blog content as your company. I establish clarity about your goals and needs and make sure I write with the "voice" of your brand. Humorous, entertaining, or simply informative- the goal is to establish familiarity and a relationship with your audience while providing them with "value"- information, freebies, or resources to keep them engaged and coming back.

SEO Blogging

SEO-optimized blogs bring traffic to your website. Google's "web crawlers" regularly scan websites and index them so that they will show up in search results. The more your site comes up and is clicked on when people search for certain SEO keywords, the higher your Google ranking eventually becomes, which means you begin to appear higher and higher up the list of search results. The keywords can also bring in an audience that otherwise would have never visited your site if it didn't include the terms they were searching for. It can take about 6 months to begin seeing results, but the effort is well worth it! My blogging services include images and creating graphic images when required. Complex graphics or images that need to be purchased from paid stock sites will be an extra charge.


I am highly experienced in writing creative descriptions for catalogs and eCommerce sites. I will, of course, need the specifications of the products, but I can take a ho-hum description and draw the customer in to the experience of owning the product. I also excel at research writing, editing, and proofreading. If you simply need someone to make your written content a little more creative or exciting, I can help with that, too.

Creative Writing

Do you need to create some content but don't feel confident in your writing skills? Examples would be if you needed to write a brief biography, the story of your company, or any other general information. I can help!