Pricing + Packages


Pricing + Packages


My hourly rate is $50/hr. If you need to hire me for a one-time big project such as an email marketing platform migration and setup, funnel building, etc, we can discuss a flat project rate to save you some money. Just reach out to me to discuss your project and goals.

Monthly Retainer Packages

Different than my one-time service packages, I also have long-term clients on retainer for whom I work their choice of hours every month performing as-needed duties. Rates for these long-term services start at $50/hr, although discounts will be included the more hours you hire me on for. A minimum 6-month contract is required in order to apply the discount. The reason I offer discounts on retainer packages is that a long-term client relationship on retainer means I can count on reliable income.

An advantage to hiring me long-term is that we can develop a relationship that better allows us to work as a team to brainstorm and implement ideas to launch, market and scale your business. I find that as small business owners and online entrepreneurs, we're all in this together as a community, supporting and affirming each other!

An example of how the retainer billing works: If a client wishes to hire me for 10 hours per month, they would pay a retainer of $450 at the beginning of each month. They're receiving a discount of $50 off my hourly rate because they have chosen to hire me on retainer.) If I go over on hours—always approved by client first—I adjust and add the hours to their invoice at the end of the month at the rate of $50/hr when I bill for the next month's retainer.

To give you an idea of what my long-term services might entail: An example would be the services I provide for some of my online coaching clients who are creating online courses. Setting up their funnels, social media accounts, landing pages, email marketing and integrations would all fall within the scope of the services I offer; but I continue working with them to create email marketing strategies and campaigns and maintain their systems.

Please be aware that although I do offer help setting up your social media account and can provide resources (like Canva templates for posts), posting, strategy, and engagement with your audience all fall within "social media management". "Social media manager" is actually a full-time job that takes 30-40 hours per week and pays a typical annual salary of $70k+. I am including this disclaimer because I sometimes find that clients are unsure of what they want help with and are unaware that that level of social media management cannot be performed on the very part-time basis most clients tend to hire me for every month. (If, after setting up your social media accounts, you are in need of a person to perform regular social media management for you on a budget of $15-$20/hr, I highly recommend hiring a VA from 90 Day VA at These students are trained by the best and will provide you with much better quality work than you can typically find off sites like Upwork.)

Bronze: Package 1

10 hours per month - $450

Silver: Package 2

20 hours per month - $900

Gold: Package 3

30 hours per month - $1350

Platinum: Package 4

40 hours per month - $1800

**Payment Methods Accepted/Contracts- During our initial discovery call, we will discuss the entire scope of the duties you need me to perform, the rate and hours, and terms of our agreement. I will then create you a custom contract. All retainer contracts must be for a minimum of 6 months. You will receive an invoice from my Wave system on the 28th of each month and can pay using credit card directly from the invoice, or you may use Venmo or Zelle. 

Working Hours- Please note that I am an independent contractor working remotely. I am available and working most afternoons and evenings PST. We can communicate using Slack, email, text, and use a project management board like Trello or Asana to keep track of tasks. I will respond to any communications within 24 hours (usually within a few hours.)